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  Introduction to TAS,BFU

Introduction to Teaching Affairs Section, BFU

    The Teaching Affairs Section is the educational administrative department of Beijing Forestry University in charge of the teaching management of undergraduate program. The main missions of TAS are as follows:

• Be responsible for the daily teaching management;
• To ensure the normal operation of teaching in BFU;
• Be in charge of organizing and operating the teaching reform,       teaching development;
• To deepen the educational teaching reform;
• To ensure much profounder development of the teaching undertakings   in BFU.

   TAS is currently composed of 7 divisions, namely Teaching & Researching Office, the Educational Evaluation Centre, the Testing Centre, the Administrative Office, the Students' Affairs Management Office, Office of Fieldwork & Experiments and the Modern Education Management Centre. With young people making up the majority of its staff, TAS is driving ahead with vitality and vigor.

  Motto of TAS,BFU
Teaching & Researching Office
Educational Evaluation Centre
Testing Centre
Administrative Office
Students'Affairs Mangement Office
Office of Filedwork & Experimenst
Modern Edu Mangement Centre
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